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Sail Mail – Orascom Marine

Sail Mail

Abu Tig Marina operates the Red Sea SailMail station offering Email Service for Yachts via Marine HF SSB Radio.

The SailMail Association is a non-profit association of yacht owners that operates and maintains a network of private coast stations in the Maritime Mobile Radio Service. The Association provides radioprinter (e.g. Internet email) communications for its members on a cooperative basis, in order to meet the private business and operational needs of the members’ yachts.

The SailMail Association provides worldwide coverage. Every SailMail station provides service in Pactor, Pactor-II and Pactor-III.

Callsign: SSM678

Frequencies in kHz: 2824.5, 4162.5, 6239.5, 8325.5, 12394.5, 16598.5, 18866.5, 22645.5